5075 Falconridge Boulevard NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3J 3K9 +403.590.9092

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At Magnolia Banquet Hall, we are more than just a venue for your events. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable memories with our phenomenal service. We take pride in our team to ensure your event is tailored to your needs. With an event manager on site looking over each event, you can be at ease with one point of contact at all times. Our event manager acts as a liaison between our guests and our staff throughout your event. Other great features of Magnolia Banquet Hall include: our onsite catering, a recently renovated venue, a modern concept bar, in-house sound & lighting system, projections screens, & a designated buffet area.


During each event, our team consists of an event manager, staff, security, bartenders (optional), and a DJ (optional).